In 2013, NellyRodi added a new facet to its commitment to innovation with NellyRodi Money Box, a financial shareholding and development assistance system for young companies in the creative and innovation world in general.
The companies assisted must have an international scope and generate sales of between €200 000 and €1 000 000.

Promoting Emerging Talents. Supporting Creation.

NellyRodi supports...

Soon Soon Soon

Created in 2011, Soon Soon Soon is an agency that identifies trends and crowdsourced innovations. Backed by a network of over 1 300 scouts around the world, it analyses existing trends in order to help invent those of the future.Soon Soon Soon publishes trend books (called Soonoscopes) based on the latest social psychology techniques and offers tailor-made services for trend identification to dozens of international corporations.

NellyRodi Money Box took a stake in Soon Soon Soon in April 2014.

Études Studio

This men’s ready-to-wear brand, based in Paris and New York, also publishes contemporary photography books, and offers artistic direction services to major labels. Created in 2012, and steered by a group of people who combine their creative and sales skills, the brand’s clothing is distributed in over 100 sales points around the world, and their creations attract the attention of trendsetters and influencers globally.

NellyRodi Money Box purchased a stake in Etudes Studio in October of 2013, and was joined in January 2015 by investment fund Fashion Capital Partners and Headbangers Publishing, represented by its CEO Pedro Winter.

The Family

TheFamily is a start-up booster, providing assistance young companies in the digital sector through education and certain privileges: workshops, meetings with key international digital players, and opportunities to share their experiences with other members.Helping close to 200 start-ups, The Family also works hard to make economic players—in particular investors, associations, public authorities and private companies—more aware of digital issues.

NellyRodi Money Box purchased a stake in The Family in September 2014.